About Us


The Farm

    Thor-Nox Farms is a 400-acre farm located on Knox Ridge in Waldo County, Maine.  In 2004 Roy Bessey and his sister Shirley donated a conservation easement to Maine Farmland Trust that will protect the entire farm from future development.

   The Farm's 300 wooded acres are sustainably harvested, and contain a large stand of sugar maples.  One hundred acres of field support the farm's beef herd and vegetable gardens. 

   In accordance with the family's wishes, Shirley Bessey, the last surviving heir of Thro-Nox Farms began transitioning the farm into a trust, a For-Profit Corporation, and a Non-Profit Community Agricultural Center.  Beef production, timber harvesting, the operation of the vegetable farm stand are managed through the For-Profit Bessey Thor-Nox Farm Corporation.  Educational programming for area school children and community outreach programs  are managed through the Non-Profit Thor-Nox Farms Agricultural Education Center.

   Programs currently being supported through the Agricultural Education Center include Environmental Educational Programming offered by Nature for LIFE and an NSF funded research being conducted by Unity College faculty.

Our Mission

   The Bessey Thor-Nox Farms Agricultural Education Center showcases the past, present and furture of Waldo County agriculture.  By bringing people together to directly experience sustainable agriculture, the Center promotes the rich heritage of our land and the fundamental importance of local agriculture to the health and well-being of our community, our economy and our environment.

Our Board

   The Thor-Nox Farms Agricultural Education Center is managed by the following volunteer board of directors: